Cherry Class (Year 1/2)

Welcome back to Cherry Class and the new year! We hope it will be a happy and successful year for everyone in Cherry Class. Thank you for all the reading you have done keep up those good habits and keep up the good work.

Miss Dotchin is your teacher and Mrs Milburn is your teaching assistant. Mrs Hathaway will be teaching you P.E. and Mrs Pilkington will be teaching you Music on Tuesday morning when you work together in your cohorts of Y1 and Y2.

Our topic this term is Passport to the World and we will be learning about various countries as well as our own localities. In Science we are learning about habitats and this will include a literacy link where we will use a the book ‘One Day, On Our Blue Planet…In the Savannah’ to learn about this habitat alongside literacy content.

In Literacy we will also be doing Telling into Writing using a traditional story from China and the children will also have opportunities to look at, use and reproduce non-fiction in speaking and writing about animals in the savannah.

In Maths we are focussing mainly on money, division, multiplication and problem solving. We are particularly learning the 2x, 10x and 5x table. Click on the picture below to practise your times tables.

In Art we will be learning about the local artist Chas Jacobs and looking at Aboriginal art from Australia as well as doing some 3D work using clay to recreate items from the Terracotta Army in China. In History we will look back at Halton and how it has changed over time and in Geography we will look at modern day Halton and use our directions to get us around the village.

Our RE topic is Jesus, friend to everyone where we will learn about the miracles he did in his lifetime and increase the children’s awareness that Jesus was an extraordinary person who welcomed everyone as a friend.

In Computing we are learning about creating pictures and our Esafety focus is ‘Keeping our personal information private.’ In PSHE the children will think about how growing and changing affects them, thinking about what they can do now compared to what they could do as a baby and learning about some major internal organs, such as their heart, lungs and brain and think about how they can keep themselves healthy.