Cherry Class (Year 1/2)

Welcome to Cherry Class, we have had a successful start to the first half and the children worked very hard. We are now entering the run up to Christmas and I know that the children will come back after half term enthusiastic and ready to learn. Thank you for all the reading you did in the first half, keep up those good habits and keep up the good work.

Miss Dotchin is your teacher and Mrs Milburn is your teaching assistant. Mrs Hathaway will be teaching you P.E. and Mrs Pilkington will be teaching you Music on Tuesday morning when you work together in your cohorts of Y1 and Y2.

Our topic this term is the weather. We will be looking at poems about the weather and learning about adjectives, rhyming and similes. We will be learning about the seasons through Percy the Park Keeper stories and we will also look at comma use as well as looking at joining sentences to make them longer. The children will write a storm report and a recount.

In Maths we are looking at odd and even numbers, counting in sequences and using shape in sequences too. We will begin learning about fractions and fractions of capacity, money – making sure the children can recognise coins, time – o’clock and half past and we will collect data and make graphs too this half term. Click on the picture below for some links to games to do with money.

In R.E. we will be learning about why the birth of Jesus was such good news. In Geography we will be learning about weather around the world and learning about climate change. In Science we will learn about weather symbols and create our own weather station. In Design and Technology we will use lever and wheel mechanisms to make a card with moving parts. In Computing the children will learn about different types of technology in and out of school and they will learn to use I.T. to sort things. In PSHE the children will learn about how to keep money safe. We will also have a focus on E-safety, which will be learning to search safely and efficiently Online.