Oak Class (Year 6)

Welcome to Oak Class!  (Year 6)

We currently have 36 pupils in Oak Class, taught by Mr. Grayson, with Mrs Hathaway covering PPA  and Mrs Johnstone, teaching assistant. This final year at St. Wilfrid’s is a busy yet exciting one for the children.

The Autumn term’s topic is Ancient Greece and the children

worked very hard over the summer in doing some fact finding for our  topic. In class,

we are enjoying doing further research on this fascinating place and era using  various media.

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In Literacy  we start the term looking at the power of imagery and in particular, personification. Our fictional work will tie into our Greek project looking at myths and we will also look to construct an argument.


In Maths we are initially focusing on revision of the 4 operations of number, with extension into long multiplication and division.

We will also look at shape and data handling and with every operation, we will look to apply what we have learnt to written problems and the strategies we can use for doing things mentally.


In History/Geography  we will locate present day Greece and compare and contrast both the human and physical geography of Greece with the UK. In History we will look at the difference between life in Athens and Sparta, the way of life and some of the famous myths and legends.


In French we are concentrating on clothing. The children will learn different types of clothing, how to describe these items and how to describe what someone is wearing, including colours.


In PSHE our topic is ‘New beginnings’. The children will be taught to recognise their worth as individuals.

ICT  sessions will focus on the use of spreadsheets in our lives and how to calculate using different formulas.

RE topic this half term is Life As A Journey. We will look at our own lives, the highs and lows so far, then study Jesus’ life and other people in the Bible.

PE will be invasion games.

In Art we are looking and studying how to draw people in action and Greek Art. This will involve different materials, including clay work.

Music will explore  lyrics and their relationship with melody. We will initially be looking at jazz music and having a go at composing our own.


We are really pleased with the fabulous increase in the amount of children reading at home this term. This is invaluable in improving concentration, acquiring vocabulary and gaining understanding. Keep it up!

Do encourage your child to try and keep up with current affairs and what is happening in the world. CBBC Newsround is an excellent child-friendly source. Click on the link below.



Dates for the diary…                     

Our exciting annual  residential visit to Robinwood will take place this year from 28th -30th November.