School Council

School council are made up of two elected members from each year group in KS2 and two pupils from year 2. They meet fortnightly to discuss any suggestions or issues raised by their class members. Meetings are initially overseen by Mrs Hathaway until Chairpersons, secretary and other roles are allocated. They then run their own meetings, coming up with tasks to undertake as School Councillors. The school Council are part of the local schools’ Pupil Parliament who meet termly. They endeavour to think about the needs of their school, their local community and indeed the world around them.


Welcome to St Wilfrid’s School Council

This year’s members are:

Year 2:  Ewan and Tilly

Year 3: Ben and Lydia

Year 4:  Neil and Polly

Year 5: Will and Phoebe

Year 6: Zoe and Mia

About SWSC…

We meet fortnightly to discuss any issues concerning the pupils and community of our school.

We have a noticeboard in the main hall, so that minutes from meetings are available for all.

If you wish to contact the SWSC, please either use the suggestions box by the hall display or email us with any sensible issues or comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Year 5 and 6 councillors went to Pupil Parliament . They did lots of sports and fun activitities in honor of their ‘Get up Get going Get active’ campaign. First they tried out fencing . After that , they went to the running track and did a running activitie. Next they did judo. Finally,  they did archary and had a competition against another team to get the most points! It was really fun and we all had a good time!

Written by Zoe (Y5 councillor.)


Visit to London

On the seventh of march we were very lucky to visit London. We set of very early from Lancaster train station to arrive at Euston were we then caught a train on the under ground. We eventually arrived at The Houses of Parliament. Then we went into the house of lords where we sore the debate between the Conservatives and Labour. We learnt that there are three parts to parliament these are the MP, House of  Lords and the Queen. After lunch, we went through St. George’s park and got an ice cream on the way.