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Monday 13th July 2020

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Morning everyone,I can’t believe that this is the last week before the Summer Holidays! I have missed everyone so much and am so proud of you all. I hope that when you come to collect your things you enjoy looking through your Learning Journeys and feel really proud of everything you achieved this year. You are going to be amazing Year Ones! Next week you will be having a zoom meeting with your (very lucky) new teachers; have a look at their web pages as well because your teachers are going to give you some ideas of things you might like to have a go at over the Summer. Thank you to everyone who has sent me pictures and examples of the work you have been doing over this last term. I’ll miss you all and can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown when you get back to school in September. Take care everyone and have a restful, safe and happy Summer love from Mrs Long! xxx

This week’s work is going to be focused on getting ready for next year. I hope you enjoy it!

Goodbye Reception Writing Frame

Summer-Term-2-Week 7- Preparing for Year 1

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P.s. don’t forget about the Oxford Owl site, there are lots of great books for you to practice your reading with on here over the Summer and it’s free to join. Also don’t forget to look at this week’s plans from Lancashire for p.e.xxxx

Click here for: Summer-Term-2-Week-6 plans:  We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Wednesday’s Work

Click here to find a page to help you with your ‘Describe the bear’ activity.

Click Here to find some bears to hide outside xxx

Monday’s Work

Click here for the ‘Bear Hunt’ Story Map

Click here for Summer Term 2 Week 5 Olympics

Thursday’s Work

Click here for Thursday’s Usain Bolt Activity

Wednesday’s Work

Olympic Games 2020 Climbers Qualification - Crag Rats Barcelona

On Wednesday click here to take a quiz to see if you know your world flags-

Click here for Wednesday’s Olympic Flag activity-Olympic flags for Wednesday– there’s a lot here just pick your favourites to play the memory game.

Design a Flag for Wednesday

Tuesday’s Work

Olympic Games 2020 Climbers Qualification - Crag Rats Barcelona

World Map for Tuesday’s Activity

Continents colouring and labelling sheet for Tuesday-Continents activity for Tuesday

Monday’s Work

Olympic Games 2020 Climbers Qualification - Crag Rats Barcelona

T-HE-368-Design-an-Olympic-Kit-Activity-Sheet for Monday

Have a look at the slides below to find out about the differences between the first Olympic games and ours today:


Click here for- Summer Term 2 Week 4- Sports Day Plans

Tuesday’s tally chart with School results xxx Have a lovely day


Click here for Friday’s ‘newspaper ‘ style template to write your report-Newspaper Report Template

Click here to design a mascot for your sports day on Thursday-Mascot design

Click here to design a medal for Thursday’s sports day-Design a medal

Click here for a  certificate to give out on Thursday’s sports day- Sports Day Certificate

Click here for a template to help design your own crazy obstacle course on Wednesday-Design your own crazy obstacle course

Click here for Tuesday’s Graph, it is a block not bar graph (slight change to the plans)-Graph

Click here for Tuesday’s tally chart-Tuesday’s Tally chart

Click here for the tally chart for Monday’s sports competition-Monday’s Tally Chart

Click here for the winner’s certificate- Winner’s Certificate

Click here for Summer Term 2 Week 3 Seasides

Gold coins pirate theme

Week 3 Friday’s second and final letter from Captain Ash

Friday’s Halving pirate treasure- once the children have finished finding half of the treasure, they can then split the treasure between 3, 4 and 5 different pirates, how many coins will each pirate get? Are there any coins left over? Use more coins to make it trickier (up to 20). Have fun!

Week 3 Friday’s letter from Captain Ash

Week 3- Thursday’s Letter from Captain Ash

Wednesday’s code cracking subtraction activity

Week 3- Wednesday’s Letter from Captain Ash

Click here to see a wonderful boat design from one of our lovely children for Captain Ash. He thought it was AMAZING and so do I!Super Boat Design

Week 3- Tuesday’s Letter from Captain Ash xxx

Look at this fantastic treasure map and instructions to go with it. Great work!- Brilliant work

Week 3- Monday’s Letter from Captain Ash

Lined paper with treasure map border for Monday’s instructions

Wanted poster for Tuesday’s sea monster activity


Click on this link for Summer Term 2 Week 2 Seasides

Friday’s Letter from Captain Ash

Thursday’s letter from Captain Ash

Wednesday’s letter from Captain Ash-Wednesday’s Letter From Captain Ash

I have had a few more posters sent in from some of you at home- click on the links below to see them. They definitely did the trick; Captain Ash is so happy to have him back safe and sound!

Another fantastic ‘missing poster’ Thank you!- Poster 3

Another Amazing Poster- Well done!– Poster 4


Tuesday’s letter from Captain Ash- Tuesday’s Letter to the children from Captain Ash

Wow the posters you made for Captain Ash are amazing, thanks everyone! He is sure to find Beaky soon! Click on the links below to take you to some of the children’s lovely posters. 

Amazing posters I have been sent to help Captain Ash find Beaky- Poster 1

Amazing poster for Beaky- 2


Monday’s Letter to the children from Captain Ash

For Monday’s Missing Parrot activity-  T-L-886-Missing-Lost-Pet-Writing-Frames

For Wednesday’s treasure map activity-  T-T-27715-Create-Your-Own-Treasure-Map

For Thursday’s number line addition- T-N-1257-Addition-Numberline-Worksheets_ver_1

For Friday’s work on Pirate Ships- t-t-5290-pirate-ships-powerpoint_ver_4 (1)

For Friday’s Maths challenge- t-tp-7089-pirate-crack-the-code-addition-to-10-worksheets_ver_1

After this why not have a go at making your own code cracking pirate equations!

I know that it will be hard finding reading books to practise with the children; if you click on the photo below it will take you to a great site with lovely e books on for the children to practice with.

Two children read books in the park. concept of education ...

Also don’t forget that if you click on the sports link a bit further down the page you will find this week’s P.E. lessons from Lancashire. They look good, we will be doing the kicking activity in school this afternoon and of course Joe Wicks will be continuing his P.E. sessions as well.

Missing you as always; here is this week’s timetable, just click on the link below to see the plans. I will leave all of the previous timetables on as well in case you would like to go back. Take care everyone! xxx

P.S. in school we will be doing a few nice PSHE activities, I will upload them as we do them in case you would like to have a go at them as well.XX

Summer Term 2 Week 1 Seasides


Seasides past and present sorting activity 1

Seasides past and present- extension- slightly more challenging

Postcard template for ‘day at the seaside’ activity.



Plans for week 5 Summer Term 1

  Click on the picture below to listen to the story of the naughty bus-

Red and black lego toy | Pikrepo

Now click on the next picture to see a home made version of the story-

Wholesale London Icons Miniature Pull-back London Bus For Kids ...

Here is a link to the sheet to help you find out about the vehicles your family had when they were little- 

Travel and Transport in the Family Home Learning Task

Captain America PNG

Plans for week 4 Summer Term 1

           Click on the link below for your measuring length challenges-


Click below to find out about George Stephenson and the first trains-

George Stephenson and Trains

Click below to print off your comic strip template-


Plans for week 3 Summer Term 1

Click on the link below to find out a bit more about VE day-

VE Day Powerpoint

Here's how you can mark VE Day 75th anniversary with a stay at ...

Click below to print off your Spitfire Glider-


The following links will help with the recap of phase 3 sounds:

  1. T-L-007-Phase-3-Sound-Button-Word-Cards_ver_11



4.Phase 3 phonics activity

Also if you’d like some ideas for P.E. click on the link below for a great resource from Lancashire school games, the plans are for years 1 and 2 but will be fine for us to have a go at as well.

File:Sport balls.svg - Wikimedia Commons


I will be adding a few more things later on this week so keep an eye out!

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Plans for week 2 Summer Term 1


The PowerPoint for the Bike activity was too big so I’ve copied it into a word document, hope it’s ok. Just click on the link below to access it. 

Bikes through history

Can Superheroes Save Sailing? >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News


Car Transport Cartoons - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Music- click on the link below to log into Charanga- you should have your passwords in your pack and select the ‘Big Bear Funk’ unit.

Music Note Musical - Free vector graphic on Pixabay


 You might still like to have a look at the websites below which have some ideas to help keep you occupied.

Remember whenever you use the internet to be careful and safe. Always ask your Mum or Dad before visiting a site.–activity-list

You won’t be able to do all of these activities but the challenge will be to see how many you could do out in your garden or during your daily exercise. After all you’re only 4/5, you have plenty of time to finish them off!

Don’t forget Joe Wicks and ‘Just Dance’ on You Tube, for your daily morning exercise. You might also like to try Go Noodle.


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Phonics play link below to support phonics teaching
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Extra Challenges

Click on the link below to choose a different story from yesterdays on Cbeebies and answer the following questions:

  1. Pause the story half way through and predict what might happen next.

     2. Who is your favourite character and why?

     3. Where was the story set?

     4. Recap what has happened in the story, which was your favourite part?

Story Time | Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe



“Let everything you do be done in love”

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Illustration of a brown cross : Free Stock Photo


We will continue to read cvc words why not have a go at playing some of these games? Click the picture to play.Cat alphabet letter c

In Maths we are continuing to focus on numbers to 20, counting in different styles and working out simple addition and subtraction problems. Click on the link to play some fun Maths games which will help you.

Number Animals