Beech Class (Year 3)


Welcome to Beech Class

Hello, and welcome to our class web page.  Your teachers are Mrs Peatman (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Hathaway (Thursday-Friday), supported by  Mr Hartley and Mrs Durant.

The children have settled into Beech class fantastically and are already fab year 3s!

Online Safety Message

If you are searching online for anything over the summer please remember to include ‘child’, ‘children’ or ‘kids’ in your search. This will help to filter out any adult/unsuitable content.

Don’t forget…

Always remember what KS says: If you have ‘yukky feelings’, then Say NO, Walk Away and Tell a Trusted Adult. The same rules apply online as in real life. Ask an adult if you are unsure about ANYTHING online. Make good, sensible choices and ask for help if something goes wrong.

We would always urge parents to carefully monitor what their child is accessing online. All links and videos provided are checked by staff to ensure their suitability, however links and suggestions will not have been. Please ensure your child is safe when accessing online material.


Reading and Writing

Reading at home

It is so important to read with your child as much as possible. At the moment we are only changing reading books on Monday and Friday. Your child needs to bring their books bags on these two days where we will change their books, spend some time reading with them and check that they are happy with their books.

Oxford Reading Owl

You can access books on It is free to access Ebooks appropriate to your child’s level or age. You just need to create a user name and password.

Click these links to find some ideas for year 3 reading books 

Reading list for year 3

Reading at school

During their time in Year 3 we look at lots of different books together. The first book we are going to look at is Flat Stanley and the children love finding out about the adventures of Stanley. We will use this story for our writing and guided reading session this half term before we moves on to exploring some non-fiction books all about the world. I wonder if the children can retell you the story we have been learning.

We also do daily reading in school where we explore a wide range of text. We use these for comprehension activities.

Phonics and spellings

It is so great to have the children back in school, but we are very aware that they have been away from school for so long. We are using a program called bounce back phonics so help consolidate the children’s phonics learning and look over some of the sounds they would have been looking at in year 2.

We work on our spellings every day at school and are using a mixture of purple mash (who use the year 3 statutory spelling list) as well as recapping the correct spelling of HF (high frequency) words. Spellings will be posted on google classroom every Friday and then tested the following Friday.




This half term we are focusing on place value and addition and subtraction.

Maths at home

Here are some useful websites that you might like to have a look at for some maths games. Don’t forget when you sign in to purple mash you also have lots of different maths games, as well as English and Topic activities.

TT RockStars (each child has their own individual login. You should have these now and your child can log on and start working on their tables):  

Purple Mash (each child has their own individual login): 

Times Tables 

In year 3, we work on learning our times tables in our maths lessons. We like to use fun games and videos to help us do this. We also have a times tables test every Friday and again these are posted on google classroom on Friday and tested the following Friday. We will continue to work on the same set of times tables for a few weeks as it is so important for the children to be able to recognise them out of order and recall them at speed.



The world

Our first topic this half term is the World. We are going to use this topic to support our geography, science and English lessons.

Geography- In our geography lessons we are locating countries in Europe (including Russia). We are going to be looking at human and physical features of those countries and comparing them to where we live. Our non-friction writing will be influenced by our geography research.

Science- In science we are exploring rocks using different experiments.

RE – Our RE topic is ‘called by God’. We are looking at some stories from the Old Testament of people who have been called by God. We are also going to find out from people alive today about how they have been called by God.

ICT- In our ICT lessons we are looking at coding using purple mash.

PE – In PE we are working on our ball skills, particularly focusing on throwing and catching.

Art – In art we are using paint to look at portraying relationships.

French – In French we are looking at different greetings and numbers.

Music – In music we are using the glockenspiels. We will be looking at following a piece of music to play a tune.

PSHE – In PSHE lessons we are focusing on relationships and friendships.



Fun things for a rainy weekend

Have you ever rolled down a hill or looked up at the clouds? Well the National Trust has a great list of fun things to do that you could try out over the Summer. Click here to find 50 things to do from the National Trust

Fancy taking a trip to the National Gallery? If you click on this link           you can take a tour around from your own home! I wonder which painting is your favourite? I wonder why you like that one the best? Maybe you could find some things out about the artist, recreate the paining or create your own painting in their style. We would love to see them if you do.

Have a look at      for some more fun art activities

Beamish is one of my favourite museums. Click this link to have a look at the museum from your own home.

Science experiments are so much fun. If you click this link it will take you to the Glasgow Science Centre where there are lots of great experiments you can have a go at at home. If you have a go at any, maybe you could take some pictures or write down what you found out so you can share it with us all in September.