St Wilfrid’s School Uniform

Full school uniform should be worn every day except on class PE days, when P.E. uniform should be worn.
The only branded item required is the school sweatshirt or cardigan. All other uniform can be generic items, more widely available.
The full school uniform:
  • St Wilfrid’s official branded jade green sweatshirt or cardigan (required item)
  • White shirt/polo shirt/white blouse (plain or with optional school logo)
  • Dark grey school type trousers
  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress
  • Grey/white socks or grey/white tights
  • Sensible shoes i.e. flat, black – no boots or wedges
  • A summer option of dark grey shorts or green/white checked dress
  • Hair – neat and tidy, no “zig-zags”/gel etc. Long hair (below shoulders) tied back
  • Accessories (hairbands, scrunchies etc) in dark or school colours
  • Jewellery – one pair small plain studs only
  • No nail varnish or make up
PE Uniform:
  • Navy Shorts,
  • White T-shirt,
  • black leggings/jogging pants (optional for cold weather),
  • their school sweatshirt/cardigan or optional school hoody
  • dark coloured trainers
NB A pair of trainers should also be kept at school permanently for outdoor/track use for other activities. Therefore, if your child prefers to arrive at school in their school shoes, they can change into the trainers, kept in school.
Our school uniform is available to be viewed or purchased from the Uniform and Leisure Company online via the link below or from their shops in Lancaster, Morecambe or Garstang.
The only branded item required is the school sweatshirt or cardigan but other optional items with our school logo are available.
 We encourage all children to take pride in their appearance and are appropriately dressed for all activities. Jewellery should not be worn, although stud earrings and sensible watches are allowed, but must be removed for PE lessons or covered by tape.