Willow Class (Reception/Year 1)

Hello and welcome to Willow Class

Willow Class is made up of 25 lovely children, 15 Year 1 and 10 Reception.

The class teacher is Mrs Murgatroyd and the class teaching assistant is Mrs Milburn. Mrs Pilkington also teaches the class on a Wednesday afternoon.

This half term our topic is clothes. The children will be focusing on a variety of subjects and many areas will link to our topic.

In literacy, the Year 1 children will be looking at a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts and will be learning how to sequence stories, as well as writing their very own stories and character descriptions. Our main writing aim this half term is for the children to use full sentences and correct sentence structure, as well as using their known spellings and phonetic sounds within their writing. The Reception children will be focusing on initial sounds and phase 2 phonics and will be using these to help them write simple words/captions.

In maths, the Year 1 children will be focusing on sorting objects into a variety of groups, counting objects to 10, counting forwards and backwards, looking at the concept of ‘part-whole’ and number bonds to 10 and they will also focus on addition and subtraction. The Reception children will be focusing on understanding numbers 0-10 and will be taking part in a variety of counting activities.

In science, the children will be focusing on the natural world and observing changes within seasons. They will also be looking at a variety of materials, focusing on their properties and testing them to find out whether or not they are waterproof.

In history, the children will be focusing on timelines and will think about their own timeline so far.

In geography, the children will focusing on locating and naming the world’s continents and oceans, as well as looking at hot and cold countries.

In music, the children will be focusing on ‘Finlandia’, by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

In P.E, the children will be focusing on their fundamental movement skills; running, jumping, balance, agility, throwing, catching and coordination.

P.E kit – Our designated P.E day for the Willow Y1 children is Monday and is still to be confirmed for Reception (we will contact you to confirm the day).
On your child’s designated day, please send them to school ready dressed in their P.E kit. They will remain in their kit all day and can wear leggings/joggers and their school jumper/cardigan to keep them warm.

Book bags – Please send your child to school with their book bag on a Monday and a Friday. On these days we will change their reading books and send them home with new books for the week/weekend.

Although school is a little different to what the children have previously been used to, they have all settled in very well and are becoming accustomed to their new routines.
We have had a lovely start to the term so far and we all look forward to the weeks ahead.

– Mrs Murgatroyd 

‘Let everything you do be done in love’