Willow Class (Reception/Year 1)

Welcome to Willow class

Willow class is currently made up of 24 children, 9 Reception children and 15 Year 1 children.

The class teacher is Mrs Murgatroyd and the teaching assistant is Mrs Marsden. On Tuesday mornings Mrs Hathaway and Mrs Pilkington teach the year 1 children music and P.E. Mrs Pilkington also teaches art and R.E in Willow class on a Wednesday morning.

Spring term
This half term our main topic focus is ‘Houses and homes’. In Literacy we will be focusing on texts based around our main topic theme. The Reception children will be focusing on building their phonic skills in order to aid them with their reading and writing. They will begin to use their knowledge to form sentences with a variety of writing activities linked to our topic theme. The Year 1 children will be focusing on descriptive writing and creating non-fiction information booklets. They will be using various forms of punctuation within their writing, such as question marks and commas.
In Maths, the Reception children will be focusing on ordering numbers, place value, addition and subtraction, 2D shapes and using appropriate mathematical language. The Year 1 children will be focusing on fractions, multiplication, division and measurement; they will be solving practical problems regarding all of these.
This half term the children will also be developing their computing skills using a software called ‘Purple mash’. They will be learning about e-books and will even be creating their own.
In geography the children will be learning about maps and locating a variety of places on various maps in order to compare homes in a variety of locations globally.
In history, the children will be comparing old homes to new homes and they will be focusing on the inventor Alexander Bell.
In science, the children will be focusing on a variety of materials, their uses and describing them. They will conduct a number of experiments using materials.
In R.E the children will be focusing on the reasons why we give and receive gifts. Our Christianity focus will also emphasise and link to the school’s values and mission statement; Love God, Love Each Other, Love Learning.

We thoroughly enjoy hearing about what the children have been up to outside of school and therefore we set aside time at the end of the day for ‘show and tell’, where the children are welcome to bring in something small from home to show to the rest of the class. This half term ‘show and tell’ will happen on set days, these being Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

We look forward to the half term ahead.