The Online Safety Group

The Online Safety Group provides a consultative group that has wide representation from the school community, with responsibility for issues regarding online safety and monitoring the Online Safety Policy, including the impact of initiatives.

Members of the group assist the Online Safety Coordinator with:

    • the production, review and monitoring of the school’s Online Safety Policy/documents
    • mapping and reviewing the online safety curricular provision, ensuring relevance, breadth and progression
    • monitoring incident logs (if appropriate)
    • consulting stakeholders (including parents/carers) and pupils about online safety provision
    • monitoring improvement actions

About the Team

Our Online Safety Team of children include children from Years Two, Three, Four, Five and Six.

Our adult team members are our head teacher Mrs Weymouth and our Online Safety lead and teacher representative Mrs Murgatroyd.

Thanks very much to all team members for all that they do to help support the school.


We meet every term to discuss relevant issues and to discuss our action plans.

Safer Internet Day and Assemblies

We are registered with the UK Safer Internet Centre, who lead Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is a chance to raise the profile of Online Safety within schools and organisations. Each year we undertake activities related to the theme. The OLS Team of children lead this and some of our other assemblies throughout the year with all year groups. Follow up activities take place in class.

Click here to read our latest pupil survey about OLS.

Current Key Message from our children team members

“Only play games that are appropriate for your age! There are consequences to playing games that are not suitable for your age, like becoming violent.”

“Online games are not the only way to have fun! What other things could you do, other than using a phone, tablet, computer etc.?”

“Know how to report and block a person if they are behaving inappropriately. Ask a trusted adult or friend to help you if you are unsure how to do this.”

Don’t forget…
Always remember what KS says: If you have ‘yukky feelings’, then Say NO, Walk Away and Tell a Trusted Adult. The same rules apply online as in real life. Ask an adult if you are unsure about ANYTHING online. Make good, sensible choices and ask for help if something goes wrong