Sycamore Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Sycamore

Welcome back for the Summer Term!

Mrs Kinder and I really hope you have all had a lovely two weeks for Easter, and have managed to make it feel like a holiday! I have missed you all lots and have been looking forward to talking to you all again a great deal!

For the next three weeks, I will be posting your daily Maths, English and an ‘Afternoon Activity’ on Google Classroom.

For Maths and English we are following the Hamilton Trust ‘Home Learning’ schemes of work. We are starting on Week 3.


Each lesson in this scheme is meant to resemble an hour lesson, however, every child works at a different pace and I know many parents are not able to sit and support this learning for that amount of time. If you do not manage to finish the activities, it is your choice whether to continue it the following day, or move onto the next day’s activity. Please use this scheme as a guide.

Our afternoon activities will have a different subject focus from the curriculum, such as music, art, science, geography and computing.

Alternatively, I have linked below some documents listing both online and offline activities for all subjects. If children would prefer to do these activities than the ones I post on Google Classroom, that is absolutely fine.

I would like to stress that although I am posting activities daily, there is no obligation to stick to these activities or the days. All work posted is optional and can be worked through at your own pace. You must do what works for you and your family at this time.

Online/Offline Other Subject Activities –>>

Here is your favourite poem to cheer you up!

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In Sycamore class, we love to check out what’s been gong on in the world on ‘News Round’. We love discussing current affairs and thinking critically. If children would like to have a look at home, click on the link here: