Sycamore Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Sycamore! 

We currently have 35 children in Sycamore class and are taught by Miss Costley. Mrs Durant and Mr Hartley are our  Teaching Assistants  and Mrs Moss teaches French and Music on a Wednesday afternoon. 

We have lots of exciting learning to get through this year, however, we are proud to say that we have kicked off the year with enthusiasm, curiosity, and lots of reading which is fantastic! A big thank you to all of   you reading at home - keep up the good work! 


Our focus for this half term is explanation writing and myths and legends. For explanations, We have been looking at the marvelous 'cracking contraptions' by Wallace and Grommit. We have been using these as inspirations for creating our own 'Save-The-World' machines and explaining how they work. 

Follow the link below to take a look...


To link with our fair trade unit this half term, we will also be writing explanations about how chocolate is made.
In maths we are continuing to work really hard on fractions. We have moved on from equivalent and improper fractions to percentages of fractions, time We will continue to practise our word-problem 
solving skills. 

Here is an example of the kind of word problems we will be practising throughout the year... have a go!

If you would like to have a go at practising some extra word problems at home, there are resources and downloadable PDFs on


Our topic for this half term is the Ancient Maya. The Maya civilisation began long ago in a place called 'Mesoamerica'. This huge area is made up of Mexico and part of Central America.They were experts at reading the stars and even built their cities as a map of the sky! They were also inspired by the creatures of the forest and shared many legends about animals, plants and nature spirits.

We will be looking closely at their creation story in literacy.

To learn some more about the Maya, please follow these links!