Sycamore Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Sycamore!

Sycamore Class are taught by Mrs Eccles-Wood and Mrs Hathaway on a Wednesday afternoon during Mrs Eccles-Wood’s planning time. Mrs Kinder is our teaching assistant. We can’t wait to have you all back after the half term break to get started on our new topics! 

This half term:

In Literacy, we will be looking at the poem ‘The Highway Man’, written by Alfred Noyes in 1906. The Highway Man is a narrative poem, set on the Great South West Road (A30) in the 18th century; a place known in history for its highway men, who would steel from travellers. 

Click on the picture below to go to a PDF document of the poem. 

We will be using Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk 4 Writing’ approach to help us learn the poem and create some exciting written responses. 

Religious Education

In R.E, we will be investigating the religious and traditional aspects of Christmas and exploring how Christmas is celebrated around the world, to further develop our understanding of Christianity as a world faith. 

From Epiphany and Advent Fasts to Christmas Trees, special foods and traditions – get your brains ready to think and taste buds ready to try!

Click below for a tasty recipe for ‘melomakarona’, a Greek Christmas honey cake! 

Image result for melomakarona



Our literacy topic will provide some fantastic opportunities for us to delve into the world of 17th and 18th century Early Modern Britain, including the days of gunpowder and treason! 

Here are some great websites to visit if you want to learn more about the highway men! 


This next unit explores pattern from counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s up to the more formalstudy of sequences.
In this unit children  begin to study the properties of numbers and to hone their reasoning and justification skills as they explore odd/even numbers, factors, multiples and primes.

Knowing our times tables fluently will really help when tackling some of the more complex problems! 

Here is a link to Times Table RockStars, a fantastic app that enables children to learn their tables at home and have fun. There will be rewards for those children who manage their homework goal of 10 games a night!

Image result for times table rockstars

We will have a real focus on word problems this year as many of us find these tricky. If you would like to have a go at home, follow the link below to some word problems online. 


Our science topic is ‘Materials and their Properties’. This will be taught by Mrs Hathaway.


In computing we are continuing with our coding, then moving onto to analysing and creating databases!



In French we will be learning about how to talk about ourselves and our school.


Our main P.E session takes place on a Monday afternoon. We will also be using the running track to improve our fitness and reach our goal of running the length of a marathon!

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In Sycamore class, we love to check out what’s been gong on in the world on ‘News Round’. We love discussing current affairs and thinking critically. If children would like to have a look at home, click on the link here: 

Please read the Friday Newsletter, which will inform you of all forthcoming events and other important information.