Oak Class (Year 6)

Welcome to Oak Class!

Oak Class have already risen to the challenge of being the oldest children in school, keen to volunteer their time and expertise to help school run smoothly! We are looking forward to an exciting half term of learning!

Our LITERACY this term will first focus around our class book

We will be writing poetry and narrative based on the story of the boy who discovers he is half-Greek god! This will give the children the chance to demonstrate their understanding of the grammar we are looking at in context. This will include expanded noun phrases, modal verbs, relative clauses and a range of punctuation to make our writing interesting. We are also using ‘Percy Jackson’ as our main text in Guided Reading, building up our vocabulary as well as our comprehension skills. We will be practising spellings every day and tests will be on a Friday. Chilren are encourage to read aloud at least five pages a day.

In MATHS we are looking at place value, investigating numbers up to 10 million. We will be multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. We will generate and describe linear sequences, exploring factors and prime numbers. We are continuing to learn times tables facts at speed and children are encouraged to practise at


Times tables will be tested on a Friday in school.

Our HISTORY topic is The Ancient Greeks. We will be looking at the Ancient Greek timeline in the context of world history timeline and trying to understand the impact that Ancient Greece has on us today. We will study the city states of Ancient Greece and compare Athens and Sparta.

RE this term will focus on Pilgrimage and of Life as a Journey. We will be asking big questions and expressing our own views.

In SCIENCE we are exploring Electricity.

FRENCH is focused on clothes and we will be describing them using a variety of adjectives and learning how to order adjectives in our French writing.

PHSE will include discussions about Living in a Wider world.

In COMPUTINGwe will continue to develop our coding skills using Purple Mash. Children are encouraged to practise their computing skills at home as well as adding to their personal blogs:


In PEwe are developing our games’ skills. We are continuing to run our ‘Daily Mile’, for which we need our trainers in school each day.

In ART we are practising our drawing skill: studying people moving and exploring how we can represent this in our art work.

Class information: As well as times tables, spellings and reading, Maths and English homework is given out on a Friday and is due in the following Friday. The children are able to choose a task which is challenging to them personally. If parents have any questions about any aspects of the curriculum or homework problems, please don’t hesitate to speak to Mrs Jackman. I would also love to hear from parents or grandparents who can give time to come and hear readers – it may be just 30 minutes at the beginning or ending of the day but would be really helpful! :))