Oak Class (Year 6)

Happy New Year from Oak Class!

Welcome to a new year! Obviously this is a very important term for your child as it is the last full term before the SATs tests in May. In preparation for this, extra homework will be given.

A useful site to be familiar with is BBC bitesize which is a handy revision tool.


Our topic this term is Tropical Rainforests. Children will learn about the geographical locations of these areas around the world, as well as looking at how humans affect them. Our topic will also link to work in Art and PE.


Maths this half term focuses on a variety of things which we will be revisiting. These include percentages, fractions and decimals, multiplication, division, coordinates and the transition and reflection of shapes across all four quadrants. We will continue to work at tables and mental maths, so please keep these skills up by practising at home too.


In Literacy, we will be looking at length at the genre of Science Fiction texts and composing one of our own. We will also spend some time on explanation texts and link this to our work in Geography.

The new ‘Red Carpet’ reading scheme has so far been a brilliant success in the increased amount of children reading every night at home. Keep it up! It will pay dividends in increased vocabulary and understanding so keep collecting the golden Oscars!


Science will consist of one main area this half term which will be ‘Light’. Lessons will be as practically based as possible and we shall investigate how light travels etc. We will also look at ‘Interdependence and Adaptation.’


During ICT , children will use the ‘Scratch’ program to design their own computer game. They will also be using their understanding of spreadsheets to create their own climate graph for a city located in the tropics.


In French lessons we will be learning to understand and use the names for places in our local area. We will also be practising asking for and giving directions in French.


The focus in PE is on gymnastics and dance. The children will be choreographing their own dance pieces and in gymnastics, they will compose their own routines, both on the floor and on apparatus.



In RE, the children will be studying the story of Moses in the book of Exodus in the Bible. We shall also be looking at the concept of freedom and what it means. The end of half term will culminate in a Passover feast in class.


We will be learning ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams in Music.

REMINDER!! Can we all make sure that PE kit is in school when required? There has been a marked increase in people ‘forgetting’ lately, which disrupts lessons enormously.