Oak Class (Year 6)


Hello to Oak Class and Parents! 

It’s so lovely to see you all back in class! Ms Brown and I have been so impressed with how quickly you have all got used to the new routines and how keen and enthusiastic you are about our topics this term! 

You all have a reading book to take home and whilst it’s not currently possible to collect the reading records in each day, we hope you are continuing to read 5 pages a night, bringing books back to school when you have finished them. In addition to this we are encouraging you to do 10 minutes of   https://readtheory.org   and 5-10minutes of       https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth   every day. Only a few minutes a day will really make a difference to your times tables and reading skills! 🙂

Homework will be set on a Friday, via Google Classroom and can be completed online. Spellings and Times tables tests will take place on Fridays. The week’s spellings can be practised on https://www.purplemash.com/sch/stwilfridsla2  – just check your To Dos.

If you are having any problems accessing these don’t worry! Just let us know and we can help!    

Our PE day is on a Thursday, when you are able to come to school in your PE kit – remember to bring warm clothes as we will be outside! We will also be continuing our Daily Mile, so it’s a good idea to keep a pair of trainers in school.

For the first few weeks back we are basing a lot of our work around the lovely picture book

‘Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth’.

We will be using it as a transition unit for returning to school, with opportunities to reflect on our time at home during lockdown, our feelings at life slowly returning to normal (or not!), environmental issues and our place in the world and the Black Lives Matter social movement. We will be using poetry, song lyrics, art and creative writing to express our thoughts and feelings.

In maths we are working on place value, not worrying about what we have ‘missed’ but going from where we are now and carrying on the building blocks laid in Year 5. We have made great progress already! Our maths homework will always reflect the work we have been doing the previous week.

Our main topic is our history topic, looking at the legacy of the Ancient Greeks. We will be looking at artefacts for clues about their lifestyle, comparing the different philosophies and strengths of the city-states of Athens and Sparta as well as using what we have learnt as inspiration for our art projects.


In computing we are continuing our coding journey and will be building on the skills of previous years. we will be designing and creating our own computer games! 

In music we will be listening to ‘A Bao A Qu’ and ‘Sprite’ from ‘Anthology of Fantastic Zoology’ by Mason Bates and developing music, art and literacy activities from it.

In French we will be building on work done previously on colours and other adjectives as we learn to describe and discuss items of clothing.

In art we are studying the drawing of people in motion,practising techniques for drawing the human form and being inspired by the works and styles of famous artists.

On Wednesdays, Mrs Hathaway will be teaching science, RE and PHSE

If we need to move our learning online, we are all ready with Google Classroom where the children can log in, as they are doing for homework.


Online Safety Message

Some of our learning tasks in Oak Class involve finding out information online. If researching at home, please remember to include ‘child’, ‘children’ or ‘kids’ in your search. This will help to filter out any adult/unsuitable content.

Check out the key message:


Don’t forget…

Always remember what KS says: If you have ‘yukky feelings’, then Say NO, Walk Away and Tell a Trusted Adult. The same rules apply online as in real life. Ask an adult if you are unsure about ANYTHING online. Make good, sensible choices and ask for help if something goes wrong.

Would extra support be helpful to you?



Year 6 Leavers