House Captains

House Captains have a vital role to play in school. Along with their vice captains, they have to collect and count weekly house points and distribute merit certificates to the relevant classes.

At the weekly Celebration Worships all captains and vice captains take an active part in the worship by helping hand out the ‘star of the week’ trophies, selecting and reading prayers and organising all certificates and awards to be read out.

As well as this, the captains and vice captains help to organise House Worships through the school year and can be called upon to carry out any duty asked of them by senior staff.


House Captains 2019-20


Isaac Midwinter
Emily Peart
Oscar Kitching (Vice Captain)
Clara Leeming
Sam Brown
Maddie Birch (Vice Captain)
Phoebe Pyle
Oliver Ferguson
Maizi Craik (Vice Captain)
Jake Robinson
Ruby Parkinson
Ruby Hunt (Vice Captain)