Healthy Schools

We take ‘keeping healthy’ seriously at St Wilfrid’s.
There are many sports clubs run both by staff and by outside agencies. We teach children about making good choices to do with their health, such as promoting and encouraging Healthy Eating. ‘Keeping Healthy’ is very much embedded throughout the curriculum too e.g. our Teeth Science unit in Year 3. We are also visited each year by the Life Education Van, where every child receives an age appropriate interactive learning session. Everyone loves Harold the giraffe!
Healthy Eating and St Wilfrid’s
At St Wilfrid’s we discuss healthy eating with the children and encourage them to make healthy choices.
We have a school policy that only fruit, vegetables or cereal bars are to be eaten at playtimes and request that parents do not include sweets or fizzy drinks in packed lunches.
All children have their own water bottle in class and we encourage the children to drink water throughout the day, especially in hot weather or after sports.
We never tell children that there are things they can’t eat, rather we encourage them to think about the food they eat in terms of a balanced diet, it is good for us to eat more of some foods than others. In particular we encourage the children to remember the ‘Eat 5 A Day’ idea, for fruit and vegetables.
The Eat Well Plate clearly shows the proportions of each food group that the government recommends we eat per day. We introduce the children to this model right from their first year at school.
Click here for the Eat Well Guide.
Adults may wish to visit the NHS Choices website for advice or information about healthy eating and living.