Christian Distinctiveness

We regularly evaluate what we do in order to check that it aligns with our distinctive Christian Vision

Below are a few examples of feedback given during our review in 2018:

Our pupils told us:

“St Wilfrid’s has given me confidence to stand up for what I believe in.”

“Knowing that God will always be by your side is amazing.”

“They (the school) have been there for us and they care for other people and they do Community Tea which cares for the older people.”

“Being a pupil at this school is like being in a second family.”

“I have been challenged to the best of my ability.”

Our staff and governors said:

“As a staff, we do love each other and the children. We have a depth of nurturing that goes even deeper.”

“A school whose values are supported by the whole community.”

“A primary school rooted in Christian values, serving the community.”

“Setting an example;as adults, as Christians.”

Our parents and school community told us:

“A very big thank you  for the lovely harvest gift and the nice get-togethers for us elderly locals during the year.”

“Many thanks for the surprise Harvest parcel… such lovely children at my door!”

I am delighted with how well my children have done here. They are confident, happy individuals and I am very grateful to the staff team who have contributed to this.

I am confident that he is getting the best education and care possible – thank you!