Cherry Class (Year 1/2)

Summer Term

Half Term Week

Hello Cherry Class,

You’ve been working very hard all of the last half of term and I’m sure you have all been superstars!

It is now officially half term so take some time to get outside and look at the PE below, see if you can have a go at some of the activities here. There are others on the Lancashire Schools Website. See below for more details.

I’ve left the art activities up from last week as there were lots of nice ideas that you could maybe revisit.

Take good care of yourselves and stay safe.

Miss Dotchin.


Hello Cherry Class,

How are you? I hope you are well. I have been making sure that I go for a walk every day and it has been lovely seeing all the nature; flowers coming out and trees growing. What have you seen growing near you? Have you seen any animals or birds? Hopefully you have been keeping an eye out because your art work this week is all about nature. I hope you enjoy it!

Please don’t panic if you are not getting through all of the work, it is there to support you . The main thing is that you are all safe and well.

There is another link to the next week of PE from Lancashire Schools at the bottom of the page, which will help to keep spirits up physically and mentally.

I have really enjoyed hearing from some of you this week. Keep up the good work and keep smiling!

Keep remembering our values below. This week I’m going to think about ‘Hope,’ I hope I will see you all soon, ‘Patience,’ I know that I need to be patient and wait so that I can keep the people I love safe and finally ‘Thoughtfulness,’ I’m going to try to think about how people around me are feeling as well as how I am feeling and make sure that we all keeping our spirits up. Which three would you choose? Tell someone in your family and explain why.

Here is your next sequence of lessons for Maths and Literacy as well as your topics that should be done in sections to suit you over the next week. You will find opportunities for both online and offline things to do in the suggested activities below, so you can choose what suits you best that day, or the availability of laptops/tablets/computers.

For more online activities scroll to the bottom of this page where there are links to learning through interactive games or you can log in to Purple Mash and practise your skills there.

Remember to keep reading. You can access books on It is free to access Ebooks appropriate to your child’s level or age. You just need to create a user name and password.

If you cannot or do not wish to access Ebooks online, you could have a story circle time with your family one evening a week and each share a book that you have enjoyed reading before.


Please click the link below to continue your learning with the Hamilton Trust. You will be on Week 5 and click your appropriate year group.

Instead of doing the suggested work above I have included a pack created by the Lancashire Literacy team that centres work around reading, so if you prefer, you could do this. Please click the links below for this.

Here is an extra spelling suggestion – It is an app or you can access it online too. Click the link below.


Please click the link below to continue your learning with the Hamilton Trust. You will be on Week 5 and click your appropriate year group.

If you are finding some of the work above tricky, you can look at learning on the White Rose Home Learning website. Please click the link below.

Please carry on from where you finished last week.

Here is an extra offline activity for Maths. Click the link below. N.B. This is American so coin denominations are incorrect for example, but you can adapt the activities.

Click below for offline Maths activities.


Below is a sequence of art lessons. I hope you enjoy them!

First have a go at shadow drawing. Look around outside where you live and see where you can see shadows created by nature. Have a go at drawing around them. There is an example in the document below.

Next have a look at the website below. There are lots of ideas, but if you have access to a camera or phone you could have a go at number 4, which is taking close up photos and really looking at the detail in nature.

Then you can have a go at drawing in nature. Download from the link below and remember to look at the drawing tips to find out skills for drawing.

After that you can learn about Andy Goldsworthy and have a go at creating some art in his style. Look at the link below. Look at the BBC link in the pack below. If you don’t find it I have included it below to access from here.

Finally, sort the man made and natural things into groups, which you should know lots about having looked at nature all week and then choose your favourite piece of art from the week and either draw or stick a picture of it on the page and explain why it is your favourite. Click the link below.

Other activities


Mrs Hathaway has suggested this website for children (and adults if you want to have a go) to enjoy drawing and taking some time out as well as developing your skills.


You could have a go at some coding.

Typing practise


Please make sure you get outside when you can. Make sure you do some form of exercise. Joe Wicks morning P.E. sessions are great and for everyone at home and can be a good start to the day! There is a link to Go Noodle if dance is more your thing!

Lancashire Schools games and activities …Click below for some super ideas!

Online Safety

Please stay safe and happy. There are links at the bottom of the page about keeping safe online and children please remember what KS says in school.

Useful Websites

Phase 3 tricky words

Phase 4 tricky words

Phase 5 tricky words

You could use this link to practise your times tables

Maths games – – enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS – There are free phonics games on this website – Maths games and information – Topic videos and information

Exercise and fun –

Internet Safety