School Governors

St. Wilfrid’s Church of England Primary School is most fortunate to have the support of a very experienced team of governors who have a wide range of experience and skills with which to assist them in their voluntary role.
The full governing body meets each term to ratify the work completed by individual committees.
The Governing Board revised the structure of their committees in 2021.
There are now two main committees which meet once a term and more if required.
Resources Committee:
This committee has responsibilities for Finance, Premises, Health and Safety, Marketing, Visions and Values which includes the relationship between the school and St Wilfrid’s Church, and Staffing HR. They monitor the position the school has within the village of Halton, liaise with the PTFA and Admissions.
Standards & Effectiveness Committee:
This committee’s main function is to monitor and evaluate the standards and achievement of the school and the quality of education provided, including any ‘Wrap around Care’
The Governing Body welcomes any contact/queries about their work – please approach Mr Curwen or Mr Dunbar in the first instance.
Please find the list of current governors below.
Mr James Dunbar  Chair of Governors
Mrs Mary Stoneham Vice Chair / P.C.C./SEN Governor
Mrs Amy Milner Vice Chair /Foundation Governor
Mrs Christine Walmsley Foundation  Governor
Vacancy Foundation Governor
Mrs Caroline Towers Elected Staff Governor
Mrs Sally Batty Elected Parent Governor  Chair of Standards and Effectiveness Committee
Mrs Hannah Procter LEA Governor        Chair of Resources Committee
Mrs Anja Bebbington Elected Parent Governor
Mrs Claire Buntin Elected Parent Governor
Mr Mark Curwen Ex-officio as Headteacher
Rev Susan Seed Ex-officio as Incumbent
 Clerk to the Governors  District Education Offices