Chestnut Class (Year 2)

Happy New Year!

Christmas now seems a distant memory and we’re well on  with our learning.

Thank you all of you have been hearing readers at school and thank you for all the spelling practice you have done over the last couple of weeks.

Daily reading at home is still vital and we are currently working on our 2,3,5 and 10 times tables.

Our new topic is ‘Passport to the World’. It’s an exciting theme which the children always enjoy.

In Literacy, we will consider Traditional Tales from different cultures. We will use ideas and styles to make and write our own versions. We will also be continuing with phonics and key word spellings and our focus in grammar is adding the suffixes ing, ed, er and est to words, apostrophes for contractions and as always revisiting punctuation.

In Maths we will continue looking at place value and sequencing, we will do addition and subtraction within money and in time we will look at o’clock and half past. Developing word problem skills will also be an emphasis.

In RE we have a lovely topic of ‘Jesus, friend to everyone’. We look at how Jesus showed love and compassion to all he met, we learn about the miracles he performed and reflect on the values he showed.

In Science we will look at animal habitats from global differences down to mico-habitats. We will learn about how animals adapt to live in different environments and how even in our local area there can be big differences in the habitats we see.

Geography leads this topic as we ‘travel’ from our village of Halton, through the UK and then to Australia and China. We will learn about similarities and differences between the countries. We are going to have an outdoor morning (weather permitting) to build bush fires and have a bush tucker challenge!

Art will take us from looking at the work by the local artist Chas via Aboriginal art and then to clay work when we make our own Terracotta Soldiers.

In History we touch on the explorer Cook and how he traveled and found Australia.

Practice for the Music Festival has begun on a Tuesday. Further information will follow.

In Computing we are creating pictures in different artist styles. By logging on to Purple Mash at home, the children can continue to work with ‘2 Create a Picture’.

A busy half term!