Chestnut Class (Year 2)

Half Term!

Hello everyone. Gosh it’s half term. I hope you’re all still well and safe. School is not the same without you and I’m missing you. Thank you so much for all the emails and letters you’re sending. It really is fab seeing what you’ve been up to, how much you’ve grown and what colour your hair is!!!!

Because it is half term, I’m not setting formal activities. Instead I thought we could all go on a virtual holiday. Zoos, museums, galleries, farms and castles are all doing virtual visit days. Why not pick one a day to visit. If you want to do a few activities, write a diary (on paper or purple mash), draw pictures or write information leaflets. It would be lovely to see where you go, so send me an email.

A couple of websites to get you going are:


Out topic next half term is the SEASIDE.

If you can do it safely, go on a walk along the coast. Get your grown up to help you spot manmade and physical features. some words to get you going are: pier, breakwater, promenade, cliff, bay, beach, estuary and sea.

Draw me a picture or label a photograph and if you can have a picnic or lice lolly.

I think about you all every day. Have a lovely week everyone and be good, be helpful and keep smiling.

Angela Rowe