Chestnut Class (Year 2)

Happy New Year to all our Chestnut Class families and pupils. I do hope you all managed to celebrate Christmas and were safe and healthy. We will continue with Mrs Sherrington supporting in class and Mrs Pilkington being the class teacher on a Tuesday.

We had a lovely term before Christmas with very little illness so fingers crossed for another positive few weeks. Because of the likelihood of ‘Home Learning’ being necessary for some families over the coming weeks, I intend to put daily work on Google Classroom so that it is always accessible as required. I am linking it as closely to classroom learning as possible, so on returning to school, the children can pick up were they left off.

Reading books are now being changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and wherever possible we will send more than one.  Extra reading opportunities can be found at Oxford Owl. There are lots of levelled books to use as reading books. Please feel free to write them into their reading record.

Spellings continue to be tested on a Friday. For the next half term, we will focus on the children’s individual spelling lists which they brought home just before Christmas.  In school, we continue to use a system were the children look at the word, say it spell it out, cover it, attempt spelling and then check.

Please continue to use Dojo to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

This half term our topic is ‘Fighting Fit’. We will focus on how to keep ourselves healthy and safe. In Science, we will look at healthy and unhealthy foods. We will also look at food groups and why are body needs a variety of these different food types. We will also look at how our bodies need exercise and also how to keep our bodies clean. In Geography we will look at our local environment and how it keeps us safe. We will also learn about keeping safe when crossing the road. Art will have a food focus as we look at the work of Andy Warhol and his pop art. In DT we will plan and make fruit kebabs, developing the correct knife hold and cuts. and in French we will learn about foods and how to ask for them when shopping. In Literacy, we are going to write our own versions of the Magic Porridge Pot before moving onto look at other Traditional Tales. we will also follow and write recipes and other instructions. We are also going to learn prefixes, suffixes and adding ed and es to words. In Maths our main focus is multiplication and Division, but we will also look at data handling through tallying, charts and graphs. We will continue to also learn our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Hopefully we won’t have too much disruption with Covid  and can get the most from learning in-class.

Take care and keep safe.


Angela Rowe