Chestnut Class (Year 2)

Hello and welcome to Chestnut Class! We’re all excited to be back after the long, summer break.

Our first topic this half term is a super one called ‘Water’ Water’. It’s a cross-curricular theme and covers all sorts of different subjects.

In Literacy we will read a novel by our class author ( Dick King-Smith) called ‘All Because of Jackson’ about a stow-away rabbit. We will also make posters and write diaries about being with Shackleton on his adventures. We also will look at poems with a water theme.

In Maths we are beginning by looking at placed value. We will learn about hundreds, tens and units, comparison of number and positioning on a number line and 100 square. We will then move onto considering addition and subtraction. times tables are vitally important and we will begin by learning our 2 and 10 times tables.

In Geography we are thinking about the seven continents of the world and we will use aerial maps to help us locate things. We will learn about the United Kingdom and find key cities.

In History we will learn about the Adventurers Christopher Columbus and Ernest Shackleton. We will learn about their journeys and what it was like to go on an adventure at different times in the past.

In Science we will look at water. We will investigate floating and sinking, changing the state of water and experiment to find the best materials for waterproofing.

In R.E. we will be thinking about god and Creation and focus on the story of Creation in the Old Testament. we will also be celebrating Harvest and considering why the celebration is so important.

We will look at Monet and Van Gogh in Art and consider how they portray water very differently.

In DT we will use the stimulus of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ to plan, design, make and evaluate patterned, material fish.

In French we will use the story of ‘Petit Poisson Blanc’ to learn colours and also the names of underwater creatures.

The first focus in Computing is Online Safety and in PSHE it is getting on with others and dealing with emotions.

So we’re going to be incredibly busy!

Along with all this work in school, we need your help at home. To support the learning in school we ask that you help at home. Spellings and Tables will be being sent home from Week 2 and they will link to work happening all week in class. We will have a test on a Friday. This year we are also encouraging everyone to read regularly by having a reading challenge. We hope for all the class to read at least five times a week. All children who manage to read this many times in a week will receive a raffle ticket to win treats at the end of every half term.

I think we’re all going to be very busy.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please pop in to see me at any point before or after school.