Chestnut Class (Year 2)

Welcome back to Chestnut for this final half of the Summer Term. We have lots of things planned, so it will be a busy half term, but fun too!

Our topic this half term starts off with dinosaurs and then we move onto learning about dragons, monsters and robots. In Literacy we will be looking at the features of non-fiction texts and writing our own information texts. In History the children will be learning about St George and the dragon; learning about the real man and also the legend. They will do writing about this as well as looking at the Iron Man film and the book by Ted Hughes.

In Maths we are learning about time, sequencing time and telling the time using 5 minutes past the hour. We will be using subtraction to help us find the difference between two numbers and we will be collecting data about dinosaurs and then answering questions. We will build on our knowledge of multiplication and division and work on our problem solving skills. We will also spend time on measurement and reviewing our knowledge of fractions.

In Geography we are thinking about dinosaurs and which habitats they may have lived in according to their features. We will review our knowledge of the seven continents of the world and we will use aerial maps to help us locate things.

In History we will learn about Mary Anning through the book Stone Girl, Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt and we will learn about the local paleontologist who first coined the term ‘dinosaur,’ Sir Richard Owen.

In Science we will look at materials and why they are chosen for different purposes. As part of D&T we are going to design a robot thinking about which materials will be best and why. We will then think about how we can safely recycle our robot when we have finished with it.

In R.E. we will be thinking about why the church is a special place for Christians and we will think about where people of other faiths worship too.

In Computing we are continuing to develop our coding skills and learning about how to keep ourselves safe when sending emails.

In PSHE we are learning about what makes a healthy relationship and how to keep ourselves healthy in this way by learning from Harold and his friends.

In P.E. we are practising our skills for sports day.</p>