School Council

School council are made up of two elected members from each year group in KS2 and two pupils from Year 2. They meet fortnightly to discuss any suggestions or issues raised by their class members; meetings are overseen by Mrs Murgatroyd.  The children are allocated roles and conduct productive meetings, coming up with tasks to undertake as School Councillors. The School Council endeavour to think about the needs of their school, their local community and indeed the world around them. Our School Councillors are also our Online Safety team and take on the roles of ‘Digital Leaders’. The School Councillors are able to pass on advice regarding Online Safety to both their peers and the school staff. As Digital Leaders, the children will hold assemblies to update and remind their peers of the importance of staying safe online and how everyone can best protect themselves.

We look forward to the new year ahead and we can’t wait to share our journey with you all.


Welcome to St Wilfrid’s School Council

This year’s members are:

Year 2: Daisy and Nathanial

Year 3: Savannah and Teddy

Year 4: Maija and Teddy

Year 5: Frankie and Luca

Year 6: Olivia and James

About SWSC…

We meet fortnightly to discuss any issues concerning the pupils and community of our school.

We have a noticeboard near the main hall, so that minutes from meetings are available for all.

If you wish to contact the SWSC, please either use the suggestions box by the hall display or email us with any sensible issues or comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!