Love God Gallery

We have many opportunities for prayers and reflections around school. Here are some from our classes and corridors.




NISCU game to visit us to tell us the story of Easter. NISCU visit us quite a lot and we love having them with us.

Ash class went down to the forest to make colourful crosses after talking about the Easter story.

We have started up a lunch time prayer group called PALs (Prayer At Lunchtimes).
We have looked at lots of different ways of praying.

Multi-Faith day. We explored our own thoughts and ideas about God.

We looked at the words of the grace together. We made a new cloth for our worship table showing God is with us all.
This is our local church St. Wilfrid’s. We visit the church every half term, and also sometimes during our RE lessons.
We have been exploring some Big Questions about God. Who do you think made God?